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Why Sell Your Timber To Us?

Healthier Environment- Your trusted timber buyer in Ohio

Healthier Environment

Studies have shown that harvesting your trees is important to keeping your forest healthy and providing a good habitat for wildlife

Increased Revenue- Your trusted timber buyer for Ohio

Increased Revenue

You will feel good about helping the environment while increasing your revenue. We pay cash for your trees before they are cut

Your Trusted Timber Buyer

✓ We cleanup when we are finished.

✓ A healthy forest is our priority.

✓ Safety is important to us.

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John does an excellent job and he is very particular about how he cuts the trees. He goes above and beyond by taking out other trees just to clean up the woods and to help other trees grow better. John and his crew left the area very cleaned up when they were done. – Dwayne Steiner


Tom and his team at AJ Logging bring over 20 years of logging experience and have become a trusted timber buyer for the state of Ohio. Their knowledge has been very helpful to customers as they consult with them about harvesting their trees. You will feel comfortable as Tom and his team select the right trees to harvest knowing that their best interest is to have a healthy forest and a satisfied customer. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I cut down my trees?

It is important to harvest your trees about every 10 to 20 years years to promote regrowth of new trees and provide a habitat for wildlife. When a tree is cut down in the forest we generally leave the tree top lying in the forest (slash). Our experience has shown that as the slash naturally decays over time it will provide nutrients in the soil for the regrowth of new shrubs and trees. These left over tree tops also provide a great environment for small animals to find shelter compared to a woods which has no under brush for them to live in. Harvesting trees in your forest has been proven a great method to promote the regrowth of new trees and provide a better habitat for the wildlife. Read More

I’ve heard a lot about clear cutting. Isn’t it bad for the environment?

Clear cutting is often confused with land clearing. Clear cutting is a responsible harvesting of trees to promote regrowth of new plants and to create a healthy environment for animals. On the other hand, land clearing is the complete removal of a forest to make room for buildings or other developments. Clear cutting selective trees in a dense forest allows a healthy cycle of regrowth to occur in the forest. Read More

Are we running out of trees?

No, even though the population is expanding in the United States, which means we are cutting down more and more forest land, we still have 70% as many trees as we had five centuries ago when Columbus discovered America. Approximately 1.6 billion trees are planted each year in the U.S. God created trees to be a renewable resource for us to use wisely. When we properly manage a forest by selectively harvesting trees and allowing for the sustainable regrowth of the forest then we will actually find ourselves with healthier forests and more trees.

Is wildlife habitat destroyed when we cut trees?

Cutting selective trees out of a forest allows more sunlight to reach the forest floors and promote the growth of small shrubs and plants. This creates a healthy environment for small animals to find food and shelter where they would not otherwise. Although the process of thinning out a forest has been known to drive out some wildlife it generally creates a healthy environment after the harvesting for small animals and wildlife to live.

Do you have liability insurance?

Our insurance will cover any damages or injuries to persons that may occur on your property while we are harvesting trees. We will provide documents of this insurance upon request.

Do you cleanup after the job is done?

Yes, we pride ourselves in cleaning up the woods after the selected trees are harvested. Why cut the slash trees so they lay low on the forest floor so they will provide a place of shelter for the wildlife and for the overall cosmetic of the forest. We also reseed skidder trails that have run through grassy areas.



Our Service Area

We service the entire state of Ohio. Some of the cities we serve include: Marietta, Mansfield, Zanesville, Medina, Cuyahoga Falls, North Royalton, Wooster, Millersburg, Canton, New Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

Our Service Area

We service the entire state of Ohio. Some of the cities we serve include: Marietta, Mansfield, Zanesville, Medina, Cuyahoga Falls, North Royalton, Wooster, Millersburg, Canton, New Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

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